Thursday, December 20, 2018

Marta Turok Lectures from Feria 2018

The Feria was honored to have Marta Turok speak about what she sees as the future of Mexican folk art.

Marta is a Mexican applied anthropologist focusing on socio-economic development. Through research, government work, education and advocacy, she has worked to raise the prestige of Mexican handcrafts and folk art and to help artisans improve their economic status. Her work has been recognized with awards from various governmental and non-governmental agencies.  

Marta is the head of CENIDEART, the Research Center at the Escuela de Artesanías (School of Handcrafts) of the National Institute of Fine Arts and is the curator for the Ruth D. Lechuga folk art collection at the Franz Mayer Museum. With the Escuela de Artesanías, she works with accrediting handcraft traditions for the Secretariat of Public Education, as well as does research. With the Franz Mayer Museum she had curated exhibits such as Traditions, Mexican Popular Arts, Lacas Mexicanas, El Juguete en México, Cerámica de Mata Ortiz, El Sarape de Saltillo, 1001 Rostros de México: Máscaras de la Colección de Ruth D. Lechuga and El Arte Popular de Hidalgo: rituales, usos y creaciones. 

Her lectures were recorded and can be seen below.
Click here to watch.
Click here to watch.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Thank you for another great Feria!

Seventeen times we’ve come together … artisans, volunteers, attendees, regional co-ordinators, musicians, dancers, fashion show models, sponsors, everyone at the Chapala Yacht Club, food vendors, bus drivers, and the photographers who helped us capture the memories and magic of the 17th year of Feria Maestros del Arte. 

There aren’t enough words to say thank you to everyone for all that was done to make this another great year, so we’ll try to say it in pictures. This year the Feria volunteers included four photographers: Maureen Clark, Dane Strom, David Lorenz Winston and Joyce Wycoff. We will be sharing their photos all year … here is just a start...

Faces of the Feria artisans … this 3-minute video reminds us of the heart of the Feria … the women and men who make the fine arts and crafts that we all love. 
Click here to watch video
Feria Entertainment
Photo by Maureen Clark
 Demonstrations: weaving
Photo by Dane Strom
 Demonstrations: Huichol yarn paintings
Photo by David Lorenz Winston

People having fun
Photo by Joyce Wycoff

 Dates for next year:
November 8 - 10, 2019